Knowing how to differentiate an opportunity and present it to an exceptional candidate can make the difference in today’s competitive job market. As part of our services, we learn as much as we can about your present and future objectives - regarding the position, your management team, and the organization - and how this opportunity ties to the success of your business. We also identify, through third party sourcing, information about prospects before contacting them. Drawing on this in-depth combined understanding of your business and also the profiles, background and motivations of top performing prospects, we more confidently and uniquely present and market your opportunity and organization in the best possible light.

The real testament to our mutual success comes when the right candidate becomes a contributor and a strong member of your executive team. Candidates identified and recruited by P M Clare & Associates have a
remarkable record of achievements within client companies during their first year with the company.

Additionally, our partnership-focused approach with our clients begins day one and has led to long-standing deep relationships with client executive teams. We are responsive and committed to quality and client service. As a result, referrals are the foundation of our success.

P M Clare & Associates looks forward to partnering with you and presenting to your organization those candidates who are capable of making a notable and measurable contribution to your business.
Leaders that can make a difference.

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