Every successful organization is defined by exceptional people. When you choose P M Clare & Associates for your executive search, we know that the success of the assignment depends on our ability to identify and attract exceptional individuals to your organization. Our record of success comes from a business-focused approach, a research-based process, and an insightful read of candidates we bring to each search.

These factors, coupled with a network of contacts developed over 20 years in the business, help expedite the search process and deliver exceptional results that meet or exceed your expectations.

P M Clare & Associates uses the following executive search methodology:
  • Understand the needs of your organization and profile of the ideal candidate
  • Develop a strategy which results in a highly targeted search process
  • Utilize research to identify the most appropriate candidates
  • Tap into our extensive database of executives
  • Evaluate candidates via phone and face-to-face meetings
    to gain a comprehensive picture of their capabilities
  • Recommend the best qualified candidates
  • Verify academic credentials and performance via reference checks
  • Negotiate the compensation package
  • Communicate and follow up with both the candidate and you to ensure a smooth transition
  • Conduct a post follow-up assessment with you and the candidate.

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